Mini Cooper S goes Mandapam to Dhanushkodi

It’s a smooth stretch of tarmac but more importantly, it’s a unique stretch, with the Bay of Bengal on your left and the Indian Ocean on your right, the latter a bit closer to the road. Interestingly, as you get on the bridge, you notice a single railway track on your left. The road bridge towers over the railway line, which nearly touches the ocean surface, curves under the road bridge and joins Rameshwaram on your right.

The road bridge is a mammoth structure, although it looks ancient and weirdly enough, is painted pink. The surface is concrete but it’s just wide enough to stop very briefly, get out of the car and see where the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean merge a few hundred feet below you.

It’s the sort of union you could fathom the Mini Cooper S do to perfection. Unfortunately for us, the car is a CBU, which, with all the import duties, pushes its cost close to Rs 40 lakh on-road. But even that may not put you off because the Mini just seems so perfect. While our exotic road has just begun, the arduous seven-hour trip from Chennai to Mandapam has been an interesting mix in itself.