Mini Cooper S goes Mandapam to Dhanushkodi

Mythology says all about karma and how you do things you are destined to. I’d think the same way about this Mini Cooper S we set out with to chart the legendary route – a route that Lord Rama once took as he embarked on a journey to save his wife from the clutches of an evil king. But even his quest he made sure he had the right people and armoury with him. Somehow standing at the end of this wonderful stretch of road, I can’t help but have this feeling.

Without the Mini, this journey wouldn’t have been anywhere as much fun and as near perfect as it was. Sure, the car has its flaws – BMW should have given it a softer ride for India, or four doors, priced it lower or maybe even dumped in a diesel engine! But make it India-proof and maybe the Mini won’t remain as much Mini anymore.

And for a journey like this one, which calls for a car that’ll make the most of what our varied country will throw at it, the less-than-perfect Mini just seems perfect.

(Words: Girish Karkera, Photos: Himanshu Pandya)