Mumbai witnesses first Indian Red Bull Soapbox race

Red Bull's Soapbox races occur all over the globe, in a total of 77 cities across 40 countries. The 78th city to be added to that list, much to our delight, turned out to be our very own Aamchi Mumbai. And what better place to organize a downhill race than Bandra, the beating heart of the suburbs?

On a pleasantly warm Sunday morning, 53 teams - A pizza slice, a toilet seat, a battle tank and even a coffin were just some of the soapboxes present, with even more outrageous ones parked right behind - arrived at the race circuit designed around the Mount Mary stretch in Bandra, fully decked up in fancy (in some instances, rather kinky) bits along with their home-made race cars. When we say cars here, we mean soapboxes powered by human hands. Since there is no engine, the rest of the team has to push the soapbox downhill to set it in motion, and one member has to steer around the various obstacles placed in the form of ramps and bumps to finish the circuit quicker than the rest. Sounds simple, no?

After nearly five hours of dance, music and a lot of faffing about, Team Dabbawallas from Mumbai emerged winners thanks to their immensely colorful and cheery soapbox to take home an all-expenses paid trip to Red Bull's HQ in Austria and a DTM race circuit. Team Tritech and Team Feni Talks took up the remaining spots on the podium (winning tickets to Sunburn 2012 and the most happening New Year party in town respectively), and the fastest driver of the day took home a 36v electric Trikke.

Click on to see a few shots from the event.