New Honda CR-V prototype

When the Honda CR-V first arrived, it was a nice novelty. A no-nonsense SUV that binned the all-purpose notion of off-roading for simple transportation. But things like the iX35 happened, and the room started looking prettier.

So enter the new, 2012 Honda CR-V. Or at least, something closely resembling what the new Honda CR-V will look like when it arrives in the UK later this year.

This is a European prototype that previews a full production model. Honda reckons its more aggressive thanks to deeper sculpting and a bolder face. We reckon it's a nice update for a nice car. Nice.

As its that time of year, more will be revealed at the Geneva motor show in just over a week, where we'll give you more information. Probably.

For now, have a click through the photos and see if you like it.