New images of McLaren P1 concept

Stop what you're doing. Especially you. Stop that now. Because here, for your delectation, are some fresh pictures of the McLaren P1 concept car taken at the Bahrain International Circuit.

It's a bit of a rock star, this P1, because McLaren is taking it on a world tour to drum up interest in what promises to be something rather special indeed. And of course, we don't need to remind you that they're quite fond of their precious, high-performance machinery over in the Middle East...

Apparently, these images were released by McLaren because the Bahrain International Circuit, which hosts the fourth round on the Formula One calendar, is "a location absolutely fitting for this supercar". Hmm, we won't remind McLaren what most of the Formula One drivers think of the circuit, but the sentiment is clear.

Of course, details are being drip fed to the public ahead of the actual, production P1's proper reveal at the Geneva Motor Show, but we do know that it'll sit on the MP4-12C's carbon tub, together with carbon body panels, lightweight wheels and KERS. It will also generate more than 600kg of downforce, and offer up a power-to-weight ratio of 600bhp per tonne.

Just 500 will be built, and the aim, like the old McLaren F1, is simple: "to be the best driver's car on road and track."

Have a click through the concept car pics by clicking 'Next Page', and click below for the teaser images. stay tuned for more...

McLaren P1: the interior

McLaren P1: the dashboard