Nissan 360: When in America...

The Olympics, as we all know, happen once in four years. So do many other major sporting events like the cricket and football World Cups. Well, Nissan does something on those lines too. The Nissan 360 happens once in four years, and sees participants from around the world – the only difference being, the performers are its own cars.

This year, the venue was Los Angeles, and the cast included possibly everything it manufactures under the badges of Nissan and its luxury brand, Infiniti. And this time, there was also an all-new entrant – Nissan’s revived and repositioned budget brand, Datsun.

Now, it is said we Indians are picking up the Western, or rather American, way of life. But trust me, it is not that simple when it comes to cars. To start off with, petrol is cheaper than diesel there. Which is why even big SUVs are powered by V8 petrol engines. And while we Indians swear by a diesel motor’s torquey nature and cost, no matter the drop in refinement, Americans still prefer petrol or, gasoline as they call it. Obviously, it is cheaper and when it comes to money, all humans think the same way.