Nissan 360: When in America...

So the Nissan gentleman with a strong American accent handed me an industrial-looking briefcase to be transported around the course. It could have contained anything from highly classified documents to a payload of malevolent bacteria in true Hollywood style. Of course, in this case it was just a stopwatch. It looked rather elaborate but hey, I just did what Jason Statham famously followed in Transporter – “Rule No.1: never open the package”.

But I was more interested in my vehicle – a humungous Nissan Patrol. This same SUV, albeit in different clothes, is also sold as an Infiniti QX80 in the US of A. But here I was in the original. The interior was plush and comfortable, with plenty of space. Plus there were lots of buttons to give you everything from climate control to insane amounts of grip on loose gravel.

Just like in most Land Rovers, there are specific buttons to modulate the four-wheel drive for snow, rocks, slush and its various combinations. Up ahead was a near 35-degree dirt mound to climb. Thankfully, the Patrol has low-range and the climb was easy, till I reached the top and could only see the sky from the front windscreen. I came to a standstill on the hump but couldn’t see the road drop. Time to use Hill Descent Control and let the Nissan’s systems do the powering and braking as I simply steered my way down.