Nissan 370Z on the Yamuna Expressway

The economy did open up, things did change. But not necessarily for the better. Most of our roads are a joke. Daily routines are still adjusted in accordance to power-cut schedules. Major development projects are always preceded by a scam, and cars like the 370Z – originally an affordable sportscar – are not even close to being affordable in India.

But let’s leave the gloom behind for this car’s fabulous six-speed manual. Now, we’ve driven the 370Z in June 2010, when it squared up against a Kalaripayat warrior. It was the beginning of our tryst with sport and supercars. Since that June, you will have seen one with a 6-, 8- or 12-cylinder block in at least two to three TopGear covers on it.

And we’ve driven some pretty insane and exotic European machinery since that 370Z. But believe me, unless it’s a Ferrari, Maserati or Porsche, no other car has had the Z’s combination of feel, precision, drama and histrionics. Even Porsches are going easy on the drama these days. There are cars that are faster, more luxurious and with a deeper pedigree, but none have been as sensationally simple, competent and fun as the Z.