Nissan 370Z on the Yamuna Expressway

And among the things that make this nation only almost great is the Yamuna Expressway. It’s too expensive for regular car users. And they could’ve used better tarmac instead of such hard concrete. Then, you can criticise this road for being devoid of soul. But as a tool to bring distant cities closer, the Yamuna Expressway has no parallel.

Besides, this is one of the projects that didn’t get bogged down by a scandal. Or at least, a scandal that hasn’t come to light yet. It’s the kind of road that needs to be built all over this country. It’s the kind of road that would’ve been built all over the country if we weren’t such a corrupt, narrow-visioned, self-centred lot. Unlike the people who actually got themselves a 370Z.

If you’re a badge snob, narrow-minded and desperate to show off, you’d never get yourself this Nissan. But if you’re a big-picture guy, don’t fall for glitter and glam, understand the value of hard-earned money and enjoy the simple pleasure of driving, you can’t get yourself anything else. Thanks to our ridiculous import duties and also thanks to Nissan’s greed, the 370Z will set you back Rs 65-70 lakh on-road depending on where you live. Way too steep for a car that can be had for under Rs 20 lakh in the US. But the car that can look the 370Z in the eye and not blink – the Porsche Cayman – costs slightly under a crore to get to your garage. A bargain, then.