Nissan 370Z on the Yamuna Expressway

The two seem quite at opposite ends, then. The Yamuna Expressway, efficient, effortless and soulless; the 370Z lively, spirited, a bit imperfect but throbbing with a life of its own. Now, there’s a lot happening around that would make you yearn for those simple Jackson Maruti Tissue days. Quiet afternoons, simple 9-5 jobs, better roads, less congested cities. And you could argue we were better off in those pre-liberalisation days.

Sure, our cities seem like blast sites and all the grand things we venture into are riddled with imperfections, delays and scams. But then, we’d never get to the point when such occasional aberrations as the Yamuna Expressway would get built. Or to the point when cars like the 370Z would be screaming down Indian roads. We keep making a mess of everything, we keep making life very difficult for every one of us. But then, that’s how works-in-progress are. We will never get anywhere if we never start.

(Words: Sriram Narayanan,  Photos: Nitin Rose)