Nissan GT-R vs Porsche 911 vs Jaguar XKR-S

That was the intention, after all. To use the new 911, find out what it's like to live with on all roads, in all conditions. To help us decide if the Porsche is the ultimate everyday sports car, we're bracketing it on either side, firstly with something from the GT end of the spectrum, and then with something from the... dark side.

It should be clear which is which. Should. But the mighty 542bhp XKR-S version of Jaguar's coupe is hardly a waft-o-matic cruiser. No, it's Jag's fastest and most powerful production car ever (they don't count the XJ220) and features all the aero and suspension mods needed to keep 680Nm of supercharged V8 on the ground and pointing in the right direction. Most of the time. The rear wheels have a hard time coping.