Nissan Micra: A new lease of life

This is not product placement – I am fond of Amul ice-cream. I adore it because, as a brand, it sells its products purely on merit instead of using fancy tag lines or fancy ads. It’s an Indian brand that sells frozen dessert using simple yet effective marketing tools and prices the products competitively, which is key in a market like ours.

Amul’s journey in India hasn’t been a smooth one – it faced some serious heat when its more illustrious and international rivals entered our market. But competition brought the best out of the Indian company as it continuously revisited its strategy, and kept introducing small but significant changes in the way its products were marketed. Those changes included new packaging, interesting and delightful new flavours, and exclusive outlets, all of which have worked wonders for Amul.

What do Amul and Nissan have in common? Very little, except the way Nissan has revised its strategy for the new Micra – new exterior and interior styling, added features and a new CVT ’box that will give potential buyers added choice.