Nissan Micra: A new lease of life

But has that given the Micra a whole new character? At heart, the Micra remains the same – identical underpinnings as the earlier car, similar powerplants, and the same space and comfort. But visually, a lot has changed. Nissan believes it has got the basics right with its hatchback and reckons the changes brought in with version 2.0 will surely turn the tide in the Micra’s favour.

The earlier Micra was often called a cute-looking car, sometimes even a ‘girlie’ car, and this was one of the reasons why a lot of male buyers shied away from it. But far less of them will be complaining now because this mid-life facelift is more than just a nip-and-tuck job – it brings with it a considerable amount of exterior, interior and mechanical changes.

The moment you look at the new Micra, you realise how much sharper, and more refreshing and contemporary it looks. Those rounded frog-eye headlamps have been replaced with  angular ones that sweep further back into the hood. The bonnet creases are new and more pronounced, and so is the bigger, toothed grille. The front bumper has been completely redesigned, and the bigger and lower air dam now looks more aggressive than before. New fog lamp housings complete the front-end changes.

If you look at the car in profile, there isn’t much to say it’s a new car, save for the slightly beefier front fenders. But look at it from the rear, and you’ll notice an altered tail-lamp cluster with LED treatment and a new bumper. The bootlid now gets an additional lower lip. The top-end variant also gets new-look alloys.