Nissan Micra: A new lease of life

The numbers
Engine: 3-cyl, 1.2L petrol / 4-cyl, 1.5L diesel
Power: 75bhp / 63bhp
Torque: 104Nm / 160Nm
Transmission: 5M, FWD
Weight: 1530kg/1525kg
Fuel tank capacity: 41 litres
Boot capacity: 251 litres
Price: Rs 5-7.5 lakh (estimated)

Pros: Styling, feature list, front seat comfort
Cons: Driving dynamics, rear seat bench 

The verdict
Thumbs up for the new Micra’s looks. The additional CVT ’box adds a feather to its cap, but on handling and dynamics, the Micra still has some catching up to do with the Swift.

Rating: 5/10