Nissan Terrano vs Mahindra XUV5OO

Making that first impression

Make the Terrano and XUV stand close to each other and you would be convinced it’s the latter which is more likely to scare the living daylights out of the cabbies that hog our city roads. The XUV5OO is the superior one out here if sheer bulk is all that you need – huge front bumper, seven-slat grille, that extended mass over the wheel arch, chunky alloy wheels and that not-so attractive looking rear-end. Ticks all the boxes for an imposing SUV then. The XUV’s styling has been a topic of debate ever since its debut with some feeling Mahindra may have gone overboard with the aggressive styling, but a majority of the pack has been bowled over by its overall beefy stance and that explains why we see so many this hefty Mahindra on our roads.