Odyssey Unplugged

In the chilly morning air of day four, I’m inspecting my bike before we set off, when I get talking with Ravi Sevak, the rider of the bike parked next to mine. Ravi’s on an Enfield Classic 500 Desert Storm – and turns out, the soft-spoken, slightly-built young man is an assistant professor who teaches engineering in Baroda in Gujarat. Gives the hairy biker stereotype a decent burial.

This guy spends more time sniffing chalk powder than exhaust fumes, so I’m curious how he became part of this trip. “I’ve been anything but a die-hard biker for most of my life,” he says. “Then, a year ago, I was returning from college when I saw an RE parked next to my car and fell in love with it.”

So he researched REs on sale and zeroed in on a 350 Classic. On his way to buying the bike, his father, who was with him, asked him, “Isn’t a 500cc bike better than a 350?” Point taken. And that is how the mild-mannered professor ended up with a 500 Desert Storm.