Off dirt trails and river crossings

I decided to leave my trunks at home for this one. I somehow had an inkling they wouldn’t be of much use. Not on this trip anyway. Not while the grass painted the landscape in several shades of green and the clouds rolled over the hills to let you play hide and seek with the tops of hills; not while I had the keys to a motorcycle like this one. The monsoon is possibly when Goa looks its prettiest and with the exceptional downpour this year, things seem to look even better. There is, of course, the important little detail about seeing it from the rather high saddle of an Africa Twin, which makes it that much more special. Here is a machine that the makers waited on for more than a decade, before giving it the nod and declaring it fit to inherit its legendary name. Parked in the middle of wilderness, I cannot imagine many others that would blend in this naturally with its surroundings. Nothing else that would transition so seamlessly from tarmac surfaces to dirt trails and water splashes.