Peugeot 208 takes on the Ford Fiesta

And so it falls to the new 208 to change our mind. It's both visually and literally lighter than the 207, with around 107kg trimmed off the weight, 6cm shaved off the previously absurd face, and 1cm off the rump. A good start. Despite being 10kg lighter, it still looks bigger than the Fiesta - especially in five-door flavour - but it disguises this visual mass with all sorts of dimples and incisions. Look at the depression on the nose of the bonnet, and the way the foglight surround slices into the bumper. Neat stylistic tricks that give it a lean, but still shapely appearance. It's enough to make the Ford look a touch understyled, which isn't something we thought we'd ever say. In fairness, this Fiesta is on apologetic 14-inch alloys versus the 208's smart 16s, but there's a flipside to that, which we'll come to shortly.