Peugeot 208 takes on the Ford Fiesta

And another thing. The 208's steering wheel has been shrunk to Tonka proportions. Usually we'd be into this; small wheels are generally attached to something racy. The idea here is to lower the top of the rim so you see the dials over it, rather than through it. Except it doesn't work - not for me, anyway. In my driving position (and I'm average height), the rim slices through your eyeline to the dials. So you have to jack up the seat and drop the wheel into your lap to see the instruments clearly. If this or the tablet screen worked well, they'd be commendably inventive. Right now, they're gimmicks. Perhaps this particular car had a gadget demon, so, later this year, we'll be living with one for a few months in the TopGear garage. Maybe it'll prove more reliable.