Peugeot unveils 208 rally car

As you would've read, a small diesel engine is necessary for the 208 to succeed, but according to TopGear logic, so is a rally car. And thankfully, last week at the Paris motor show, Peugeot used its home advantage to unveil one of the surprise hits of the show: the 208 R5 rally car.

Set to supersede the 207 S2000, the R5 has the classic rallying mods that make us happy: big wings, wide arches and a loud exhaust. But instead of having the 2.0 litre engine that the S2000 has, the new rally-spec 208 is fitted with a 280bhp, 400Nm 1.6 litre turbocharged engine.

The car is set to go on sale during the second half of 2013, and with prices being capped at Rs 1.22 crore excluding taxes, you know exactly how much to save up for if you want to take one on a stage for yourself.

With the 208 claiming to be the successor to the 205, could this be the underpowered successor to the 205 T16 dot commers?