Planet TG: Bragging Rights

It was like appearing for my SSC Board exams all over again. Sweaty palms, shaky limbs, dry throat and hurriedly memorizing notes one last time. And it wasn’t just me – everyone else in the room was equally anxious. And with good reason – this was, for most of us, our first time racing on a track.

Still, I wasn’t complaining. I was one of the lucky few to get the opportunity to don the overalls and actually race at the Buddh International Circuit, with race-prepped cars. Lucky because this was probably the only time someone like me, with a steadily growing pot belly and unfit body, would ever be strapped into a racing seat.

But there I was, just about managing to zip up the suit, squeezing in between the roll cage and the steering wheel, and putting on the four-point harness that promised to protect me from the life threatening incidents that are distinctly likely in a race full of first-time racers.