Planet TG: Bragging Rights

Although I’ve driven around this extremely quick F1 circuit before, an actual race is an altogether different ball game. First off, you need to be damn fit to survive a race weekend and then, you are expected to be lightning quick if you’re going to make a bid for the podium. And I, for one, am anything but fit. Or lightning quick.

Still, I mustered some courage and represented Team TopGear at the Volkswagen Media race. I got in touch with our race mentors, got on with practice laps, studied the track, gauged the racing lines, hoping to ultimately be the quickest guy that weekend. But VW Motorsport had slightly different plans – this was going to be run as a team event.

We were divided in two groups – one would drive the Polo Cup hatchbacks, the other the Vento Cup sedans. And each team would have two drivers, one from each category. I was in Team 7, driving the white and green Vento with my experienced teammate, R K Dhawan piloting the No. 12 Polo.