Planet TG: Bragging Rights

Once the teams were chalked out, rules explained and racing overalls distributed, it was time to fire up the engines and kickstart the weekend. What was originally scheduled to be a proper 30 minutes of free practice, ended up lasting barely 10 minutes. And the culprit for the red flag was a, er, white and green Vento with competition No. 7. Mine.

After two laps, my Vento gave up on me – its driveshaft collapsed, leaving me in the middle of the track, and getting the red flags out. Some start to my ‘racing career’. The emotion of not being able to race because of a broken car was immense.

But once the car was pushed back into the pits, the mechanics did a fine job of getting me rolling for second free practice in time. The thought of not setting a quick time the first time around was painful, and I put all my energy into putting down some flyers in FP2. After 30 minutes of pedal-to-the-metal action, I emerged as the fastest of the Ventos. Quicker by 1.5sec. That was a welcome surprise.