Planet TG: Bragging Rights

Once the racing resumed, I had a good duel with another charged up Vento driver determined to take the position back from me. But I’d mastered a trick or two in defense (while playing F1 video games, of course) and managed to stay ahead, taking the chequered flag for second position. With the hope that I would get my lost position back, I began savouring my victory (for Vento category) before  it was announced.

By the end of the race, with track temperatures as high as 48 degrees, I was parched and drained out by  the time I returned to the pits – not to mention wiser about your average race driver’s ordeal over a typical race weekend.

And then, I found out the stewards had decided against penalising the Vento driver, so the results remained unchanged. Still, it wasn’t such a bad result for our team. R K Dhawan finished sixth and I came home eighth, with the team collecting 56 points in the process. Our team finished on the podium, taking the second runners-up trophy, ending our weekend on a nice podium-shaped high.

Easily my most exciting and fulfilling weekend away from family and friends so far. Plus, I’ve realised  I wasn’t as slow a driver as everyone had made me out to be. If there is a next time, I’m sure I’ll climb up another podium or two. For now, I’m hitting the bar circuit, bragging to anyone who cares to listen.

(Words: Devesh Shobha, Photos: Nitin Rose, VW Motorsport)