Planet TG: Dirty deeds

Driving off-road in a Mahindra Thar is loads of fun! If you were one of those kids who thoroughly enjoyed getting drenched in the rain and covered in mud after playing with friends, off-roading at Mahindra’s training facility at Igatpuri should bring back some nice memories.

It may be a great place to enjoy getting ourselves wet and dirty, but today, we’re here on business. Mahindra’s first ever Great Off-Road Media challenge and we’re Team 5. As the name suggests, we’re up against a bunch of other motoring journalists from across the spectrum.

The evening before the event, we’ve been briefed about the identically modified Thars we’ll be competing in. Also, that the three judges will mark us on the time taken to complete each obstacle run, overall safety, vehicle preservation and the manner in which we tackle certain obstacles. So driving flat-out through an obstacle course clearly isn’t the best way to go. The event holds a total of six challenges meant for 13 teams comprising two participants each, but we’re never going to get to all of them because of time constraints.