Planet TG: Dirty deeds

At the prize distribution event, TopGear is handed a miniature trophy for finishing first in the most challenging of the three obstacles – the Rescue Mission. But our names aren’t called out in the podium finishers list. When we get hold of the results sheet later, we learn we are ahead of the competition on points after the first two challenges, having acquired 53 out of a total of 60 points.

However, due to our dismal DNF in the third challenge, Aashish and I get the mandatory six points, which sets us 11 points shy of victory. We realise luck has deserted us at the Boneyard, but at that moment in time, it feels as if a hundred wine glasses went crashing to the floor.

Later, we realise it was all worth it. Sure, it would’ve been brilliant to win, but it’s an equally rewarding experience just to see our fellow journalists get things wrong, bungle a stage, or generally malfunction as a team. Next time, we hope to savour all that from the top of the podium.

(Words: Christopher Chaves, Photos: Aashish Kulkarni, Manufacturer)