Planet TopGear: Racing launchpad

So, how did your childhood turn out for you? Pretty good, I am guessing, with a lot of playing in the sun, hours in front of the TV, and of course, plenty of junk food. Yes, I know, really good times. Even for the ones who played hard, to try and make something out of it, things went quite similarly, apart from the fact that they played more and possibly had less TV in their lives. And the ones who were busy with the drama club, or working their vocal cords – they were always around the thing they loved doing.

But how does this work out for the chaps in their tight leather suits hanging off motorcycles trying to make a few fractions of a second on the rest of the field? Quite horribly, I must imagine. First of all, it is expensive.

Second, there are just a few days in the year when you actually get to jump on a motorcycle and ride the tyres bald at a racetrack, because, well, it is likely that you don’t have a racetrack in your backyard, or in your neighbourhood, or your city, or your state, or your part of the country, which is most of India, apart from a couple of spots down south. I know – how could I forget about that shiny big thing sitting just outside Delhi, the one that recently crowned the four-time Formula One world champion.

Well, remember that bit about motorsport being expensive? Now add a few more zeroes to that, and you get the price of a joyride around the Buddh International Circuit. But there are go-kart circuits as well, you may argue. Well yeah, but you can’t ride bikes around them. So that’s that.