Plougher to the people

In a country like India, there are many laws that in some way or the other, are baffling and even defy rational thinking. Like the law on suicide for instance. Suicide is illegal. We’re with the govt on that. But if you happen to fail in your attempt, you’re considered a criminal who could be fined and even sent to jail for a year. No psychiatric help for you, no sir. But if you succeed, its cool, you’re quite literally good to go. Then there’s the legal age to consume alcohol. Indian law dictates that only persons over the age of 25 can. So, once you’re 18, you can get married, legally reproduce and even cast your vote for government, but no sir, drinking is not allowed. One law that really gets us is the one which states rickshaws are legal (in some states), while ATVs aren’t (period).  In many countries, including India, ATVs are vehicles strictly for use off-road and illegal on road. Neither are ATVs allowed to run on the street nor are they even marketed as street vehicles, because they are said to not meet with certain technical guidelines and safety requirements that deem them fit to ply on public roads.