Polo GT TSI: Most Improved Car of the Year

When Volkswagen India launched the Polo back in 2010, a lot of us expected the baby VW to take our market by storm. After all, VW was known the world over for its engineering prowess, excellent build quality and striking designs. But what happened was quite unexpected. Okay, the Polo takes pride in its simple yet striking design cues and there’s little doubt about its build quality. But what about the engines? The 3-pot motors turned out to be noisier and not as refined as its more hot-selling competitors.

VW has since realised that the Indian market also appreciates a small car that isn’t a big compromise – a product that scores high in most departments if not all. Then, last year, a few good men in the VW boardroom finally decided to give hatchback buyers in India a brazen example of its technological prowess.