Porsche 911 Carrera: One last time

Imagine the Facebook profile of the Porsche 911. Sportscar, weird flat engine, placed at the wrong end, based on the Beetle, has looked the same for decades. Not the kind of profile that would get it a lot of friend requests. In fact, the 911 is not even the kind of car that would have a Facebook account in the first place. But the Himalayan Expressway is all about pomp and grandeur. On the first day of opening an account, it would get itself some 1000 friends. After all, it’s a road that deposits you at the foot of the Himalayas. The 10-km road starts from Zirakpur, on the outskirts of Chandigarh, and goes all the way to Parwanoo. It bypasses the crowded parts of Kalka and Pinjore and saves at least an hour on your climb to Shimla.

The Expressway curls around the very beautiful Shivalik Hills, and there are places where it cuts violently straight through some hillocks. That they managed to build a dual-carriageway with such sharp turns around such difficult terrain is commendable. But still, I wouldn’t call this an Expressway. It’s got people walking across it, some stretches are rough and it’s got cows grazing by the divider. Oh, and you better be careful around those sharp blind corners. No risk of running into oncoming traffic, but you might end up in a cow or a broken-down truck that’s marked with rocks and twigs. I would call this more of an Express-bypass rather than an outright Expressway.