Porsche 911 Carrera: One last time

You can immediately sense the clash of cultures. The 911… German, stoic, subtle, likes to keep its improvements and prowess under the skin and always underwriting its capabilities. Then you have the Himalayan ‘Expressway’. It sounds grand and they’ll tell you it is other-worldly. Frankly, it’s not perfect, but it passes through some beautiful and extremely challenging terrain and is built with a mix of modern technology and perhaps some Indian jugaad.

And to meet this new marvel of Indian roadways, we took the 911 4 GTS. Now, you know how it is with the 911. They have one 911 for every specific second between three and five that it takes to get to 100kph. Then there’s four-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, comfortable versions, bare-bone lightened versions, power-boosted versions, turbo versions, topless versions… This 4 GTS simply takes the best bits from the entire 997 generation of the 911 range. It has four-wheel drive from the Turbo, but the engine is naturally-aspirated as in the GT3. It has the 3.8 flat-six from the ordinary 911 4S, but this GTS version makes 408bhp instead of the 4S’s 380. Plus it has a limited-slip differential.