Porsche Boxster S on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The only thing I know about engineering is its spelling, but I think a lot of what's good about the Boxster has to do with the engine. Or rather, it's placement. With most cars, whether the engine is in the front, middle or rear, it takes up quite a bit of space. It's like a carrying any random bag. You either pull them with your hand, or carry them on your hand or just hang them on a shoulder. Whether they are heavy or light, they always come in the way, or they keep one of your hands occupied. Not the kind of bag you want when you need to run or rock-climb.

The 3.4-litre flat-six in the Boxster S is placed almost right behind the driver's seat. It's like a backpack. It clings close to the centre of your body. It leaves your hands free. And unless you have to sleep, you can go about your business as if your bag doesn't exist. Which is the key with the Boxster. If Superman looked at the Boxster with his x-ray vision while trying to keep up with it from above, he will see that all of the car's essentials, including the engine and stuff like the oil compartment and the windshield washer jar are at the centre of the car. Which is why there's enough room for two boots. One at the back. Another in front.