Porsche Boxster S on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The steering is direct, sharp and extremely chatty. This car has the new electric steering that replaces the previous Boxster's hydraulic one. I haven't extensively driven the older one, but with the new steering, I didn't miss anything. The only buttons it has are the ones for the Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) gearbox. It's a name I so love making fun of, and a gearbox I so much love. It's a seven-speed automatic gearbox with the soul of a manual and with a direct connect to your mind. Like in the new 911, the PDK in the Boxster has the ability to do about 150kph in seventh gear with the engine just hovering at around 1500rpm. But it can also do 150kph in third gear, with the engine screaming at 7000rpm. It just knows when you want to effortlessly cruise and when you want to be a hooligan. How the hell does it do that?

And why the hell do people call the Boxster the car you get when you can't afford a 911? In fact, after my time with this roadster, the Boxster seems more like a car you get if you wish to have a bit more spark and sizzle in your life than a 911 can offer. It's a great car, the 911. But it staunchly refuses to be part of any drama or pantomime. And its history ensures it rigidly sticks to looking just the way it did nearly half a century ago.