Porsche Boxster S on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The benefits of not having to stick to any legacy is clearly seen in the Boxster's design. The vertically stacked Carrera GT headlights and the way the taillights have been slightly pinched out to house the turn indicator lights are subtle and brilliant. This Boxster shows that if Porsche isn't rigid about how a car should look, or show allegiance to any history, it can make great looking cars.

As far as being a hairdresser's car is concerned, then yes, the Boxster is one. In the sense that you'd always need to book an appointment with one if you drive this top-down. You can reach close to 200kph with the roof down. And if you drive on our dusty Indian plains, you'd need a lot of shampooing and washing to get the muck out of your hair. But you really wouldn't mind it, because you will have had the most exhilarating days you could ever have out of an around Rs 80 lakh investment.