Porsche Boxster S on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The only complaint I have with this car is there's barely any storage space in the cabin. But if all you want is a car that takes to the road like a mace to land on enemy soldiers, the Boxster has nothing to fault. The car that comes closest to the Boxster is Nissan's 370Z. You'd get that for around Rs 70 lakh on-road, while the Boxster is about Rs 80 lakh – in the showroom.

Not exactly bang for your buck, but as I said, with the Boxster, it all comes down to that backpacker engine. It may make less power than its rivals, its top speed may be lower than 300kph. But it's placed so perfectly, this would've been a riot even if it made only half of those 315 horses. Come to think of it, the Boxster isn't for people who can't afford a 911. The Boxster is for people who can't afford not having some fun and frolic in their lives.'

(Words: Sriram Narayanan, Photos: Nitin Rose)