Porsche Cayenne GTS: Power Play

We could see it coming from a mile away. The Porsche Dynamic Light System-equipped LED headlamps on the GTS pierced the breaking dawn as it reached us. Sure, it was very early in the morning and the winter sun was yet to break out of its slumber, but I think we would have noticed the Cayenne GTS from a distance even if it were broad daylight. It may not be a handsome-looking SUV, but on our roads it exudes power.

When Porsche revealed the Cayenne SUV more than a decade ago, many cried foul. It looked awful, but that was the least of the purist's problems. The bigger grouse was what would happen to a company which, so far, was synonymous with the most iconic sportscars of all time – the 911? A sports utility vehicle is anything but a sportscar, because it is a big ponderous machine, designed to strike a balance between driving pleasure and off-road ability. A compromise. And compromising on driving pleasure is not what Porsche is known for.