Porsche Cayenne GTS: Power Play

Typically, as with Porsche's sportscars, all Cayennes have a familiar face. Now in its second generation, Porsche has made the Cayenne smaller and less weird looking than the first one. Maybe we have gotten used to the idea of a 911 on stilts. Interestingly, the GTS has smaller stilts and sits much squatter than a regular Cayenne. As the name suggests – Grand Touring Sports – the GTS is clearly focused on offering a sportier element to the SUV.

The front has a more prominent air dam and there are ones in the lower chin too. The GTS comes with a load of add-on kit as standard – from the side skirts to the rear wing that actually helps downforce. And it's better considering the car can hit a max speed of 261kph. Yes, that’s a lot, but having driven this car at full whack, we can tell you that you don’t need a decent straight stretch to hit that mark. This car is quick – and that’s an understatement.

The GTS’s USP is its PASM and PDCC. If that hasn’t confused you enough, nothing else will. So, as complex as the acronyms sound, what they mean are Porsche Active Suspension Management and Dynamic Chassis Control, both of which work in tandem to make sure you are low on body roll. PASM is standard. PDCC is not.