Porsche Cayenne GTS: Power Play

Equally hardcore is the ‘Sport’ button. Active suspension means you can choose what height you want the suspension raised to – all this controlled by a simple push/pull switch. Of course, it can happen automatically too – say, when you go off-road, the car will rise automatically. Then there are three modes to drive in – Comfort, Normal and Sport. The last one, Sport, is what you need to focus on because there is where you realise why you signed a cheque with nine digits on it. A firm press and as soon as the red below the switch glows, the GTS responds by upping engine revs, adding a bit of weight to the steering, making the car sit lower and giving the driver a jab of adrenaline.

Going fast comes easily to this Cayenne. What it also does better is corner really hard. It’s almost unbelievable that you can do this in what is essentially an SUV. Never let go of the steering and the car will never let go of the line. It obeys in a fashion that would make the Carrera S proud. But let me warn you here – do not be as adventurous in Normal or Comfort modes. In Normal, the GTS gets on with life without a lot of drama. Of course, you need this mode when the Cayenne is put to more conventional use like going to the office or for taking friends or family out to a party. The ride is firm but not intrusive and you are not left cursing those who make our roads as much as you do otherwise. At least, not for the surface. But you will surely curse those who design our roads, which hardly give us a chance to stretch the legs of this car. But show the GTS an empty stretch of highway and it gobbles it up faster than our politicians pocket public money.