Porsche Cayenne S: Torque of the town

I am definitely not qualified to say this, but I find travel stories often full of phrases like ‘charming’, ‘quaint’, ‘stuck in time’ and worse still – ‘this place has something for everybody’. But the beauty of the southern part of the Steirmark region near Graz, Austria, did have me falling for that travel-writing trap. The season’s first snow didn’t help, either. And after I saw the moon light up the snow-filled landscape by night, in a village that has no light pollution, I thought I was in the wrong job.

In all that mesmerising beauty was the Porsche Cayenne. I am not going to lie here. But in all that beauty, the Cayenne was standing out like, erm, I would on a ramp full of beauty queens. And in that shade of brownish grey (or is it greyish brown?), the Cayenne is like a beauty contest without the swimsuit round. But however much you want to hate it, one thing’s clear. The Cayenne has been the best compromise between a supercar and a dirt-roader since the time it set tyre tread on earth. It’s been as much an eyesore as it has been incredible. The incredibility should definitely go up with this – an all-new 4.2-litre V8 that drinks diesel. Well, all-new for Porsche because the engine is borrowed from Audi.