Porsche Cayenne S: Torque of the town

But then, Porsche tends to do incredible things with inanimate objects. And this engine does sound rather good. You won’t turn up at some fancy do and be embarrassed about getting out in the porch from a car that sounds like a Matador van. If you hear this V8 diesel Cayenne rush past, you will mistake it for a petrol without the outright shriek of a high performance monster thirsting for high-octane unleaded. Inside the car, you know it’s not a petrol, but you won’t get that annoying diesel clatter at any time.

And the car is quick. Surprisingly, you don’t get that turbo-lagged shove in the back that you get in a diesel when the turbo kicks in. You floor the throttle in first or any gear and half expect to be sucked into the seat as the scenery around blurs. Well, the scenery does blur, but acceleration is more like a naturally-aspirated engine. There are two turbos. And I am guessing the smaller one is already running and the bigger one kicks in later. But you don’t feel any of this happening as you call upon the 382 horses and 850Nm of torque.