Porsche Cayenne S: Torque of the town

This linearity continues in the middle of gears. If you’re cruising at 80kph and need to overtake, just coax the accelerator and you’ll get ahead without that shove in your back that you so expect out of a turbo-diesel. Actually, that’s a bit too much of a good thing. You see, I am so used to driving powerful diesels with that shove, that this linearity that Porsche has developed in this V8 takes some getting used to. Something like Kamal Hassan in the silent movie, Pushpak. When he gets an opportunity to spend the night in a luxurious, quiet room in a five-star hotel, he can’t get any sleep. Till he goes to his rickety old chawl, records the sounds of the usual chaos of the neighbourhood and plays it back in his hotel room.

The other phenomenal thing is the handling. There are sporty SUVs and then there’s the Cayenne. As much as purists will hate it, for a car that’s got five doors and sits high off the ground, the Cayenne can still take a corner, tie it around its finger with a string and make a yo-yo out of it.  And the diesel does nothing to blunt that attitude of this humungous Porsche. In fact, this Cayenne is now the heaviest Cayenne in the family.

But tell that to yourself when you are yo-yo-ing a corner around your fingers. It’s not a slouch for off-roading, either. It handled some rather slippery climbs and managed to plough through quite a bit of snow.