Porsche Cayenne S: Torque of the town

For all that handling prowess, though, the steering is extremely un-Porsche. Just like the petrol V8 Cayenne S we drove in 2010. Whether hydraulic or electric, front-, mid- or rear-engined, Porsche’s steering is always a doctorate in communication. The steering in the Cayenne S seems to have missed submitting those thesis papers that get it the distinction. Frankly, the Cayenne does a lot of things that physics will deem impossible for such a large object. But it just doesn’t deliver Porsche-ness in the steering department.

And then there’s the transmission. You see, Porsche’s incredible seven-speed PDK gearbox doesn’t seem to get along with the diesel family of engines. So, this Cayenne, like the diesel Cayenne and the diesel Panamera, gets an 8-speed Tiptronic transmission. It’s good, but not PDK good. Which is how it is with the entire Cayenne range. It has always been an incredible one-car-for-all-purposes machine. And as a 4.2-litre V8 diesel, this is the best Cayenne you can get yourself. It’s just 20 horses less than the V8 petrol, has way more torque, and is undoubtedly the most complete car in the world. It’s sporty, it handles well, it can carry your family and the dog, and runs on diesel.