Porsche Cayenne S: Torque of the town

As an automobile, like all other Cayennes, the 4.2-litre V8 is phenomenal. It is a lot of cars rolled into one. As much as purists will scoff at that, an extremely good all-in-one car is not an easy thing to put together. The Cayenne with this 4.2-litre diesel is just that. But then, if you are extremely keen that the Porsche-ness of a, well, Porsche, filters down to this super SUV, you will be disappointed.

The PDK and that steering wheel are big factors in making Porsches less cars and more superlatives. The Cayenne, despite the everyday usability of the diesel, is still a little low on the Porsche quotient. If I were to recommend a Porsche for the family without losing out on Porsche-ness, I’d still stick my neck out for the Panamera. Of course, when the road gets tough, you’ll have to just walk. But then, as bad as it looks, as un-Porsche as it may be, and as far away as it is from the ideal of a sportscar, the Cayenne is like the season’s first snowfall. You are never ready for it, it seems cold and uninviting at first, and it’s just inconvenient to wear all those layers to step out for a short walk.

But if you get beyond that discomfort, you will enjoy the beauty and the cold in a while. Just like in the Cayenne. I hate the looks. And I would want more Porsche-ness in the steering and the gearbox. But even I can’t deny its undeniably good all-roundedness.

(Words & Photos: Sriram Narayanan)