Porsche Cayenne Turbo vs Mercedes ML63 AMG

Burly, tricked-out, super-powerful SUVs don’t really work for me. They’re too big and heavy, and the only thing that those men back at the factory have done by giving such cars excessive power is allow them to go fast in a straight line. Their massive weight and inherent higher centre of gravity makes cornering at high speeds an absolute mess. And that’s a big put off for any performance vehicle.

But that’s not the case with the two behemoths you see here. Porsche makes great sportscars, and their engineers have a good understanding about high-speed cornering better than most others. When they set out to make their maiden SUV, the Cayenne, they surely didn’t want it to drift away from that notion. Soon after, Mercedes offered their ML to the savages at AMG tuning division to pump it up. The outcome – the ML63 AMG – an SUV that loves corners and speed at the same time.