Porsche Cayenne vs BMW X6

The Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6 here are a mere six cylinders each. They consume the dirty offspring of the fossil fuel family – diesel. They weigh more than a tonne over the Italian exotics. Yet, the Cayenne can get to 100 in just 7.07 seconds. Which is less than a second slower than the Miura, and the X6 with its 6.18 seconds to 100 can keep the Testarossa in its sights on a short drag strip.

And none of these supercars could even come close to a range of 650-700km on a full tank. If you understand the significance of these numbers, and get rid of your purist blinkers, you’d realise these two cars are as worthy of appreciation as they may be of hate and rile. Besides, you’ve just got to be astounded at how much further engineers have brought technology for two tall, diesel SUVs to be nearly as fast as supercars from a couple of decades ago.