Porsche Cayenne vs BMW X6

What’s also great is that neither the X6 nor the Cayenne are mere straight-line bullies. They are both faster than a speeding (Indian) locomotive. They are as agile as a housefly when it comes to taking corners, changing lanes and coming to sudden halts. And there are no heavyweight, high ground-clearance or high centre of gravity shenanigans in either of them.

Moreover, as you can see from the pictures, both of them are quite at ease on a dirt road. Which one’s better? For those of you who just go to the last paragraph of a comparo to see who wins, this will disappoint, as the climax sort of comes up in the middle. But for me, the Cayenne is the better car. It’s pretty, er, ugly, and is a wee bit slower than the X6, but it’s a brilliant all-in-one car.

Here’s why. The X6 will bifurcate opinion on its looks. Which is precisely why I’d call it a looker. Trying to stuff the lines of a four-door coupe into the body of an SUV isn’t going to be pretty. But of the two, the X6 looks stronger, and has way more street presence. The Cayenne won’t bifurcate opinion. It’s ugliness is an all-encompassing emotion. The X6 is also that bit more exciting to drive at first. The twin-turbo straight-six diesel is on the job from 1000rpm. There is never any lag, never any hesitation. And for anyone who thinks a turbo diesel will never match the spontaneity of a naturally aspirated petrol, all you need to tell them is “eat the X6”.