Porsche Cayenne vs BMW X6

What you get with the BMW is incredible power and torque and spontaneous acceleration. And compared to a whole lot of other SUVs, the X6 is an extremely competent dynamic package. The Cayenne makes less power and torque, is slower to 100, but the Porsche’s in-gear acceleration is quicker. So you are never going to see it fall short of breath when you ask it for some momentum. Ride is extremely comfortable and handling even better.

I don’t know what exactly goes on in the Porsche huddle when they develop a car, but I have a feeling they purposely rob the Cayenne of some steering brilliance. There is feel. But it’s not up to Porsche levels. And if my assumption is correct, there is good reason. Because for a two-tonne, almost two-metre high car, the Cayenne diesel is actually all the car you need. Seating five, with versatility for luggage, sportscar-like handling, limo-like ride and the ability to cross Indian states on one tank of fuel. If the steering matched the levels of a Porsche sportscar, very few would buy one. A Porsche sportscar that is.

What? Have you just taken the easy way out and turned to the last line to see who won. Sorry. You will have to go through the pain of reading this all through.

(Words Sriram Narayanan, Photos: Hashim Badani)