Porsche Cayman S: Balance of Power

Of late, steering wheels have substituted handlebars in my life. The reasons shall not be mentioned here because the highlights of my terminal case of idiocy need not be made more public than they already are.

Nonetheless, it’s come to a point where I unconsciously reach out for a seat belt if I so much as sit in a chair. So it’s a bit of a surprise when motorcycles cross my brain, which has shifted position due to the G-forces, midway through a superfast corner at the Dubai Autodrome. My exact thought is, “This might be a car, but #&@^$! it deserves clip-ons and rear-sets.” That’s the new 2013 Porsche Cayman S for you.

Now, balance is a tricky thing to achieve, as any Shaolin monk will tell you. But once achieved, it makes the difficult look easy. Like shooting an apple off a child’s head while doing a handstand. Or going through a corner so fast, the driver is reduced to a blob of wobbly jelly. The rear mid-engined Cayman S, it seems, has achieved balance in a manner that no other car has. It’s not so much about the power, although the horsepower allows the Cayman S to reach the eye-widening speeds it corners at. All you remember long after you get out of the car is the mind-boggling balance.