Porsche Cayman S: Balance of Power

The base Cayman is a staggering car in its own right, but what we’ll get here in India is the Cayman S. It carries a 50bhp advantage over the Cayman and 80Nm more torque to twist your neck in corners. The chassis controls its 320bhp, 1320kg kerb weight and each of its four wheels in a manner that gives the Cayman S more poise than an army of ballerinas put together. Every component in the car seems to work at a level of harmony that can be an example to humanity. And at the centre of this mechanical harmony sits the driver.

Once you sit in the car and fire it up, the Cayman S seems to plug directly into your nervous system. Six furious pistons suddenly become extensions of your right foot, pinning you into the seat as the Cayman S growls past 100kph in 4.7seconds and roars on to 200kph in 17seconds. Your left foot becomes a massive anchor, hauling it down to an insane entry speed. The front wheels seem to be connected directly to your eyes; where you look is where you go.