Porsche Cayman S: Balance of Power

The fully loaded Cayman S has technology that Ferdinand Porsche himself would scratch his head over, so you’ll have to rely on Google for detailed explanations. But what I can tell you is that you can feel the difference these systems make and it’s all for the better. People say the new electromechanical system isn’t as awesome as the older hydraulic one. I say it’s still pretty awesome for everyone except perhaps hardcore racers.

The optional power steering ‘Plus’ system offers extra assistance at low speeds. The optional Porsche Torque Vectoring system brakes the inside rear wheel in a corner to allow faster turning. The optional Sport Chrono package gives you a couple of nice buttons that make the Cayman S even more hardcore. The seven-speed PDK gearbox (optional, of course) is telepathic and reacts as soon as you think. Most importantly, the Cayman S is now longer, wider, lower and lighter than before. And of course, all of these elements fuse to create the Cayman/driver alloy that is so unique in its feel. Thank God, this is not optional.

The Autodrome’s club circuit features a fun uphill chicane that plunges down into a fast banked left-hander. On this particular section, Porsche’s intentions are staring you in the face: the Cayman is a car that hasn’t made up its mind whether it wants to go left or right. So Porsche’s made sure it can go either way whenever it wants, at whatever speed its driver can muster. It’s so addictive, it’s easy to forget that brilliant motor.